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"If life were more like theater, life wouldn’t suck so much."
— NPH (via ohsnapitzkimm)

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Disneyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle by emilyatdisneyland on Flickr.


Disneyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle by emilyatdisneyland on Flickr.

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opening night was amazing- my stage managing debut

I have never felt more appreciated.

Tech week

Tech week

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As Long as You’re Mine and The Phantom of the Opera.

Boys, if you want to seduce me. Just play these songs.

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"I’m on valium, everything’s okay."
— Sex and the City

The Sound of Music LIVE

Alright. Here’s my opinion.

Carrie Underwood. She definitely got better and better as the night went on. “Something Good” was flawless. I wasn’t enjoying her portrayal of the role though. Her acting was not as up to par as everyone else. I understand she was trying something new, out of her comfort zone. But can you not do that on live TV in one of the most loved musicals of all time? They really should have cast someone who could act. I’m not comparing her to Julie Andrews or hating on her, I just don’t think she was the strongest actress for the role at all.

I loved Ariane. I think she was beautiful, and graceful as she sung and danced across the stage in Sixteen Going on Seventeen. Michael looked a bit old to play Rolf.

All of the children were adorable. Sophia as Brigitta and Joe as Kurt were my favorites. Great casting.

Audra. Oh my god. This woman. Her “Climb Every Mountain”. Just. Amazing. She stole the show with that alone.

Stephen- Captain Von Trapp. Very talented actor. Nice voice.

I thoroughly enjoyed Christian Borle as Max and Laura as Elsa Schrader. I had forgotten the baroness had a bigger role in the stage production than in the movie.

THE SETS THOUGH. You couldn’t even tell they were in a studio. I was amazed. 

The sound bothered me at some points. I wouldn’t say the orchestra overpowered their voices, but it definitely matched up with the voice levels a lot, which is not ideal.

The lighting and camera work were PERFECTION. Amazing.

People need to stop comparing this performance to the movie with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. It’s not even based on the movie nor was Julie Andrews the first Maria. The vision was to remake the STAGE version into a LIVE MOVIE version. Which I think they succeeded at. All in all, I very much enjoyed this performance. 

"Michael Campayno was a good Rolf; it wasn’t his fault we were all mesmerized by his constantly visible knees."
— TIME magazine

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i just think it wasn’t fair to put carrie next to audra and laura benanti, there’s just no coming back from that